Choices choices!

I’m staying next to a mosque, and heard beautiful singing from their workship service there this afternoon. It carried above the construction sounds of exterior renovation and into my consciousness as I meandered on the internet in quest of suitable tourist activities.
I’m still wending my way through info on the museums &emdash; there are only about 20 to which I’d like to go! Last time (2003) I did the Pergamon, and had a lovely walk through the Tiergarten. I’ve got my eye on a sand sculpture event (they import some outrageous amount of sand for this and beach volleyball!) I’m also on the lookout for outdoor concerts (especially the free kind). Plenty of sightseeing to do just around the city – if/when it stops raining. Gotta love searching the Internet, where one can also find the outrageous. For instance,

what the h*ll is a hateparade? I’m thinking, ok, maybe some things ‘only in America,’ but then there are some other things – only in Berlin? :-/ Too bad it’s competitor, the loveparade, has been cancelled for this year. ­čÖü
I found some promo for the gay scene. Not really my thing, but always good to know there at least is one. ­čÖé

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