It’s always a pleasure to see a town with its natives. Well, that would be a local and a half-local. Here they are recalling old times. They had the nerve to call me a juvenile delinquent!

We assumed life is uncertain and ate dessert first; then toured the six-foot-wide streets of Old Antwerp, emerging into Hippy Square. We knew we were being watched, but wandered for an hour or so before settling in to dinner. I tried the local brew, a “king” and a “prince”, and had a yummy eastern-style salad with pork.
Then we toured the red light district (talk about commodification), and eventually sauntered around to the oldest building in Antwerp, which just happens to be where I finished reading A Hat Full of Sky. 🙂 I did have a nice view of sky, nestled on the river side of this originally Roman building.
After more meandering, we settled in for a late cuppa, took in some fusion and blues, and eventually conceded it was time to catch the tram and call it a night. We didn’t exactly paint the town, but we laughed a lot, which – in the long run – is what matters most.

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