a Muppet show?

Waldorf and Statler took me to hefner’s bar & cafe last night. Not to be confused with hefner, who I might want to check out. 🙂
People-watching was a disappointment but the conversation lively: politics, religion, suspicion, language, livelihood. I’ve been learning about Turkey…the general population (if Waldorf is to be believed!) trusts and values their military in a way quite different than what I’m used to in the States. The notion of the military being used internally is anathema to Americans &emdash; so far off the scales of daily imagination as to be inconceivable. Statler mused on Germany’s bitter lessons about uses of the military &emdash; it seemed even harder for him to allow for the possibility of a different paradigm.
The gist of it is that the army in Turkey has guaranteed its persistence as a secular state &emdash; allowing fundamental Islamicists a certain range of democratic freedom, but then moving in, shutting them down if they start to gain too much power via non-democratic strategies. There is a growing wave of Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey now, with changes visible in the social interactions of neighbors…but “the people won’t stand for it” (I heard from someone else previously). Her sentiment was that the people are now casting about for a solution, a response to the insurgence (if I can use such a term?), but that ultimately they believe the military will step in if they don’t get the right combination of politicians elected for a long enough period to counteract the influence of this religious minority.

2 thoughts on “a Muppet show?”

  1. hi there, howz it?
    BUT i’m statler!! and waldorf is the silent guy.
    well done, you hit the point (except that my statement is not to understand as a glorification of the military!).
    and in addition to our disappointment of the “perv” (special bender-slang for watching people), we should not forget to mention the waitress! she’s a bomb. why?? damn, she has freckles!!! haha.
    see ya soon
    take care

  2. yeah, I also forgot the ol’ Pole desperately seeking human connection. God’s sense of humor, seeing how far we can take a joke, eh?
    and, now I’m found out – publicly! I haven’t seen the Muppet movie. *gasp* OF COURSE I would then have been able to guess who was who. Next, to see if Statler’s opinions are in sync with yours. Or should it be vice-versa? 🙂

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