videochat success!

Well, the video feed froze periodically and the audio skipped out here n’ there but finally I got through to Sam and we had a little chat. He looked good, except he said his energy has been low lately. The sleepyhead has often been staying in bed until noon! Hmmmm, I won’t reveal the details of my European sleep schedule, suffice it to say Sam and I may not be that different. *grin*

We actually spent most of the conversation trying to figure out how to get more frequent contact in terms of scheduling. James is terrific as a communication mediator/facilitator, but we’ve got to get more staff at Eden trained to do it. Sam’s got one person he likes who has helped him a few times (I forget her name), and Karen from Activities is also going to get involved. We’d talked it a few months before I left but then I hadn’t been able to catch up with her again in the flurry of prep before I actually had to get my hiney on that plane.
Sam’s been trying to keep track of where I am – a hard task! (Currently Brussels.) I got a few really big grins out of him and that made the whole endeavor worthwhile. His birthday is coming up – June 28! I think he’s gonna be 71? He’s getting into the ranks, that’s for sure.
Hugs to all!

4 thoughts on “videochat success!”

  1. Ok ok, it was really my bad memory. Somehow wehn I wrote that it seemed too young but I couldn’t quite bring myself up another decade! Here’s what Sam says:
    “Correction, I’ll be 80 this month, instead of 71. *grin*”

  2. Hi Sammy,
    Rec’d an e-mail from Steph, who’s very frustrated that the camera isn’t
    performing as expected. It’s harder to access e-mail than she expected,
    but keeps trying none-the-less.
    Hope you’re getting ready for your B-day!! We’re acoming! Tom & Lou are so
    generous, we’ll be staying at their place. Unfortunately, they leave the
    day we arrive and they return the day after we leave. Bummer.
    Just wanted to let you know that you e-mailed ABC World News Tonight, CBS
    Evening News, NBC Nightly News & PBS NewsHour w/ Jim Lehrer to ask them to
    investigate and report on the British memo suggesting the Bush
    administration manipulated intelligence to support its plans to invade
    Iraq. (duh)……. and to say the Amer. public has a right to know what
    really happened…… I also telephoned on your behalf. So, we’ll see if
    the pressure mounted by MoveOn will produce any results!
    Love you bunches, Jennifer

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