the right moment

Met Jean Marc on the train to Gaillac, who told me about the local village pleasures and the sunflowers: “Last week they were not blooming and now they are; it’s the right moment.”

Brian met me at the station with Leslie &emdash; who had come to meet me at the appointed time but I was late, due to recurrent train delays. these are two dangerous men! *sigh* At least it was only an hour and a half; not an entire day! Brian has a great place here in the countryside. It’s quiet, one can hear birdsong constantly; there are flowers. Passing cars are occasionally audible in the distance, but it is mostly quiet. I never say a hoopoe, but I heard them!
The French took care of me last night: the Thalys train was delayed by weather, so the TGY people took me under wing, providing a sleeper car for a few hours sleep (emphasis on few!) and an early train in the morning. Brian is the consummate host. I hope to accomplish a lot AND rest a fair amount while I’m here.
Written on June 25 and posted July 2, with the addition of the hoopoe and photos.

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