Saturday Night Hero

I’m a bit behind the times but today is catching up day. (Which must be done before I start the *serious* writing; I’m a wee bit nervous about it, so this is good for warming-up, eh? Not to mention procrastination.) ­čÖé
Andras has been my weekend hero. He took me to the outdoor bar scene two weekends ago – Place de…. – where they have heaters on the sidewalk so one can sit outside in just about all kinds of weather. It was definitely a happening place, with cafes situated on all four corners and plenty of folk passing through scoping and being scoped by those settled comfortably down.

This past Saturday, we wandered around investigating the annual free music event. Stages were erected all over Brussels with a range of performers intended to demonstrate a range of styles and satisfy a wide range of preferences. We stumbled onto a Wagner/Strauss Opera in Grand Place. It was extraordinary – not just the obviously high quality of the performance, but to listen to it there against the backdrop of the glorious buildings. Well, it was phenomenal.
Then we drifted over to the Palais Park to check out the rock concert (audible from blocks away!), but arrived after the live performances when they had a DJ spinning recorded music. Fun, but we had a mission to find Toone and introduce me to Kwak and – since there were literally thousands of people milling around everywhere (given it was such a perfectly temperate evening) we thought we might best be on our way.

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