Sam’s Big Day

June 28! Hopefully we’ll get some party reports…
Jean Jensen-Shields passes this birthday greeting on to Sam (the old fart!):
“I miss you tons, and , one day, I hope to get out there for a visit.
Give him a BIG HUG and KISS for me and wish him the happiest of birthdays.
Love to Sam, Jean”

8 thoughts on “Sam’s Big Day”

  1. Sorry I could not stop by yesterday to wish Sam Happy Birthday. Shirley C. and I were going to go, and run out of time at the office!
    Will go to hug him in person.

  2. Dear Sam,
    I am your old room-mate at U of W. I spoke to your several years ago by phone, but never could seem to get back in touch. Happy birthday one day late. Is this about 75th? Your birthday is the same day as my brother Frank.
    It was good to see your picture in the chat. You have changed a little since I last saw you in 1955. I see Wes Lingren quite often and he asked about you recently. I also see Gordy Cochran occasionally. In fact we had dinner with Lew Dickenson this spring.
    I trust there are many more birthdays in your future. I am in Kirkland, WA and my phone number is (425) 821-2389. If I knew your phone number, I would give you a call occasionally.
    Best Regards old friend,
    Harold VanValin

  3. so, here i am, finally reading your travel-blog entries. i can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. today i watched “radical harmonies,” and a segment on music-lyrics SL interpreting reminded me of you. oh, and happy b-day to Sam! 06-28, the same day as mine! write more?!

  4. Sam’s a bit older than you, Viera, (by more than a few decades, grin) but HB too!! I’ve only done a little bit of sign language interpreting for music – takes so much prep time. I would like to do more though…maybe one of these years. 🙂

  5. Hi Sammy!
    Was soooooooo good to see you again. Mom & I were both sad to leave of course, but it was great fun to spend your B-day w/ you and friends.
    Our thanks once again to Tom & Lou for their generosity. Maybe one day we will actually meet!
    Thanks to you Jessica for helping Sam w/ reading his mail.
    I’m in Laguna Beach and will take an extra hard look at the ocean for you!! A postcard will be in the mail. XXOOOXXOO, Jennifer

  6. To anyone visiting Sam ——–
    Hi, Sam has a new contraption in his room….. it looks somewhat like a computer monitor. Actually it electronically magnifies anything printed on a page to the size of the screen, thus Sammy can see photos or cards written to him. (He LOVES to receive photos, cards & jokes.)
    It is not that hard to operate. To move it you must make certain the tray on bottom is locked, handle under bottom platform. On/off switch on front bottom; unlock platform so can move it to & fro and back & forth, so object you are viewing needn’t be moved. There is a magnification knob on one side “MAG,” a contrast knob on the other “CON,” and a focus knob. If you focus at the highest level of magnification first, then you can easily operate it at any level thereafter. Good luck, and I hope anyone who can visit will try it out. (It’s only black & white, but it’s definitely an improvement.) Thanks everyone, Jennifer

  7. New contraptions are FUN!! yeah and yahoo! 🙂 Thanks for posting the explanation and glad you and Edith had a nice visit.

  8. i don’t know if this is the right place to reply to your reply but I am sure you will be able to connect the dots(i guess you’re the only one who can fully make sense of these fragments posted in a seemingly orderly fashion 🙂
    not much to say about my everyday: i am writing, i have been for several days pain free, i am also back to reading (and writing) poetry…
    Aware Aware wherever you are No Fear
    Trust your heart Don’t Ride your Paranoia dear
    Breathe together with an ordinary mind
    Armed with Humor Feed & Help Enlighten Woe Mankind
    – Allen Ginsberg, 1980
    …reading this morning the end of Ginsberg’s poem Capitol Air (i’ve never read it before!) reminded me two of my poems I wrote this past February and June…
    wherever you are now
    I hope you can feel
    I hope you are awake
    I hope you are present
    in your body
    as you hold her close
    as she holds you close
    here I am now
    feeling all I can feel
    present in my body
    holding myself close
    holding myself close
    – Viera Lorencova, 02-10-05
    precarious dreams
    I woke up
    surrounded by a stillness of my room
    into a warm humid morning
    submerged in solitude
    with a lingering thought
    I am thirty nine today
    breathing in
    the whiteness of my reality walls
    exhaling slowly
    beginning to contemplate
    my precarious life
    the things I’ve done
    trajectories I went through
    people I held close to my heart
    my sons
    my loved ones
    the unspeakable joy
    drifting back to sleep
    dreaming about things
    that are to come
    about never traveled roads
    people dear to my heart
    my sons
    nameless loved ones
    soothed by the sound of rain
    enlightened by my woes
    – Viera Lorencova, 06-28-05
    even though Ginsberg’s poem Capitol Air (that I excerpted above) can be read as his disavowal of all forms of totalitarian tyrannies, and mine reflect on my personal life trajectory, i am struck by the similar choice of words…
    but to go back to the birthday theme — happy belated b-day to you, steph! I am sending you these poems(a bottle of Merlot is still waiting to be opened).

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