one stuffed semi-structuralist

I was plied with food and drink last night, an awesome spicy pasta and the smoothest white port (Portuguese: Aguilar) I’ve ever tasted. 🙂
At the last instant Peter asked, “Are you a structuralist?” Now – what kind of question is that to end an evening with?!! As I attempted to explain my belief in the relevance of structure with some caveats regarding the inevitability of determination….that change is possible with intent, constancy of focus, and a bit of co-construction, the tram arrived. “Changing personal structure is the hardest of all,” says he, as I start running to board the two-car sucker that went all the way to the far end of the platform before stopping.
Well, yeah! 🙂 The hardest, and maybe the most meaningful? An interpreting analogy, maybe individual change is the pivot for social change?

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