Did I mention that the Hobbit House is in Hoboken?
This afternoon was a flute and guitar concert. I confess, my favorites were the guitar solos by Louis Ignatius Gall: Rumores de la caleta and Malaguena. However, with that said, all the musicians played evocatively. My emotions went on quite a ride! 🙂

The opening set was performed by Jef Van Boven and Michel Verkempinck. The Four Catalonian songs they did reminded me of the women’s choral concert with the Andean group, Altiplano: a version of the Catholic Mass merged and blended with the traditional music and beliefs of the region.
The second set featured Louis and Lynne Priest Fitzpatrick, who is not new to house parties. Lynne also hails from the Berkshires; we were the two (non-Dutch-speaking) typical US Americans present today.
Raf and Annaleen performed four poems, all of which generated laughter. (Much confidence she passed her exam last Friday, and this Friday they will perform with full theatrical effects. Break a leg!) There is just a lot of good feeling at these events. 🙂 And a relaxed orientation to temporality (even though Michel had to race off at the end) that I’m soaking up as much as possible.
The finale of all four musicians was rousing. I’m definitely partial to the happier tunes and those which end with majestic swells. 🙂 The mournful ones…well, they make me mournful! The mix, however, was perfect. The food was great (good for Hobbits), even though it was so hot I wasn’t too hungry. And the after concert chatting fascinating. Lots on language with Bert, Raf, and another young woman whose name I never learned: language divergence (I shared the example of Czech and Slovak; they taught me about Dutch) is occurring simultaneously to language convergence (globish on my mind).

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