Decreed: Sightseeing

So much for one day’s worth of glee at find a wireless connection! No doubt if I’d been able to settle in at Gare Nord yesterday I’d have missed the entire day. Instead, I got a good two hour bicycle tour of the city. I’d wager it was thorough, as I kept getting turned around and disoriented. 🙂 I did, however, find the great Sint Goedele Cathedral here in Bruxelles. I rounded a curve and its twin towers loomed stunningly above some trees. As the rest of it came into view it took my breath: it is as intricately carved as the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg. What a sight that one was &emdash; I was orienting to its topmost tower for a rendezvous, but nothing prepared me for its appearance when I turned the corner and there it was. There was something about the evening twilight that gave it a rosy glow &emdash; it was both sharply defined and soft, somehow. Strange to think of it that way, given its pinnarets, peaks, and steeples, but it was so. I’d hoped to get back to take a picture of it in that light but no such luck. I did take pictures of the Cathedral today, having succumbed to someone’s request for me to post some pictures here. I’m working on it!
Today, I’m off to Antwerp.

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