I’ve been inspired lately. First, of course, credit must go to Burckhard who offered me the use of his daughter’s bicycle (only with permission!) as soon as I arrived in Bruxelles. Then, Bill actually got me ON one in Strasbourg last time and that was really what I needed – to remember the feeling of it. I’ve since biked almost every day, including my long ride Saturday to Tervuren to explore the Africa Museum, and another long ride yesterday with Andras just to have a long ride. ­čÖé (Perhaps he’ll comment on our route???!)

Burckhard might be right – that one can see more of Bruges on bike then from the water – however there are all those cobblestones and pedestrians to navigate. Maybe as my bum toughens up and I graduate to a Brompton both those issues will be resolved. ­čśë But then he’s the one that just rode from Vienna to Budapest in a day and a half. Not that Andras is that much different. He has a tendency to stop at the bottom of hills to confirm the route on the map. (I prefer to begin with momentum: rookie!!)

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