Simplex Dupla

Who’s over 40?!!! The crew from CEU spent varying amounts of social time with us on Friday, dependent upon previous obligations and however much stress they were feeling due to their theses being due in three weeks. (We “UMasser’s” are still in awe of the amount of work they churn out during their one year Master’s Program.)

Svetlana and Simona had a beer with us post fieldwork methods seminar, and the rest reconvened with us for a very tasty and engaging dinner at Oliva. (Except for Irena, who couldn’t escape a previous commitment.) I had a delicious paprikacs (veal chunks in a spicy sauce with sour cream and pasta on the side). YUM! I enjoyed my confersations with Balocz, Nitsan, and Omer. Would have liked to talk a bit more with Alex, and Alyssa, but they were just far enough away to be out of easy earshot. Once I’d wolfed my dinner, I went to the other end to talk with Ioana, Teo, Helena and Broughton. I’m intrigued by the new Holocaust museum which just opened in Berlin last week ~ seems there is a sense that it doesn’t skirt the brutal/painful historical facts. I’ll definitely manage a trip there later this summer. After the meal, and a huge negotiation about sinus infections (!), Teo and Helena took us to a local bar for absinthe (sans sugar &emdash; alas! it wasn’t the same as last year with my other Romanian buddies) and beer, and our youngest, favorite “substance provider” just got plumb tuckered out! Some nerve after dragging me and Broughton out after bedtime the night before!
Zhixiong had plenty of party spirit, but even he didn’t last through to the dancing, which was the next stop of the evening. I rather liked the atmostphere of Simplex Dupla, but our hosts were not impressed. It’s the same ol’ style of the other Simplex, and they didn’t like the music too much either (if it could actually be called “music” &emdash; more like computer-generated technobeat). I thought it was fine for dancing, although I could have done without the pornography projected on the wall of the upstairs dancefloor. The outside terrace was nice; but a tad bit chilly, and the graffiti-splattered interior walls were kinda cool. We wrapped up the evening with a quick snack at a Greek place (open at 3:30 am! Who knew Budapest is such a happening place!!), and the night bus brought me back, escorted by a few of the CEU students who lodge out in the boondocks of Keripesi,

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