prepping for a presentation *sigh*

Here’s a great site on Atlanticism, mentioned as an ideological competitor with pan-Europeanism.
I’m psyched by the articles I’m assigned, but also by the piece by Susan Strange (our version is from The Global Transformations Reader).
If you didn’t read this as an argument for how to think about the conference we’re trying to organize (!) let me say a few words about social metonymy! 🙂

George Yudice is pretty hot. He doesn’t use the term, social interaction, but I think he’s on to it with his noticing of reception.
He mentions this anti-violence group, Viva Rio, which sponsors a host of social justice causes for Rio, Brazil. He’s talking about the international linkages between local causes and “certain social movements” in which “culture [can] no longer be seen as predominately as the reproduction of the ‘way of life’ of the nation as a discrete entity separate from global trends” (89).
Here is
The Fourth Declaration of the Larandon Jungle”
. These are the Zapatistas. They are fighting hard.

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  1. Brett challenged me on the equation of “reception” and “social interaction” in class tonight and Paula backed him up. It was great because it helped me clarify (for myself, if no one else!) where the translation problem is (or at least one of them). Paula described the level of analysis of, for example, de Certeau as occurring at the level of social process not social interaction. When I say “microsocial”, she’s been reading this as my misunderstanding of social processes, and I’m intending it at the level of social interaction. I’m not sure if one or the other (both, all) of us are guilty of conflation – but there are no social processes without subjectivities. Subjectivities are produced by social processes (and institutional and ideological ones), yet subjectivities also generate these larger processes. There isn’t one without the other.
    Just because I can’t explain it (yet!), doesn’t mean I’m wrong. (Of course, I might be, but I’m not yet convinced.)

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