out of phase . . . ?

I’m catching a lot of heat for being on a different page than a vocal segment of my colleagues working on a joint project…it’s a little stressful. :-/
I’ve been toying with the notion of bi-temporality. I came up with the term a few days ago to describe/explain why I’m not expressing as coherent and clear an argument as my peers would like. It was an individual discovery, but of course I didn’t invent the term or the concept.
I would like to see Bitemporal Vision: The Sea.

This essay on time lays out some of the complications. A possibly worthwhile resource: Temporal Patterns. Here are a quantum physics angle and something on the gravitomagnetic field.
The math equations are beyond me, although an explanation helps (a little): The work will proceed as follows…
I downloaded a pdf from bladerunner, and there are two Chinese sites that came up on Google. One article, time variation and patterns includes this quote: “A pattern is an idea that has been useful in one practical context and will probably be useful in others.”

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