2 thoughts on “hotspots in Brussels”

  1. lies lies lies! I have been ALL OVER this city, including a trip to the airport but since I’m not Actually FLYING anywhere I can’t get to a GATE and hence cannot connect wirelessly. I finally paid an outrageous sum to the Sheraton for 3 hours online and found I still can’t SEND my own email. I am unhappy. ­čÖü

  2. Ok – they were “lies” but NOW things are better. As of June 10 several hotspots operated by Telenet opened around the city, especially at major train stations. There’s currently a free trial for two months, but typically there’s a charge.
    Also, there are several establishments around town that are WiFied, but the freebie doesn’t include them, one has to pay for the time at assorted restaurants and hotels.

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