for a good fart call…

Sam enjoys the absurd to no end. There I am, all weepy ’cause I won’t see him for 3 1/2 months, and he sets off his little fart machine. 🙂
We had a nice visit and next time I’ll be testing the videochat from France. Ya’ll stay tuned in now! Sam gets to read the blog directly when he can con someone at Eden to help him with it. We looked at Phil, Pat, and Jennifer’s recent comments this evening.
Sam doesn’t always have the energy to reply, but he sure loves to know you’re thinking about him! He is thinking of you, too.

3 thoughts on “for a good fart call…”

  1. Hi Sam,
    Just checkin’ in to see how you’re holding up. Sounds like you managed to get humor into the tearful “good-bye send-off” for Steph —- same ole Sam! :>)
    I hope that things are working out w/ this e-mail set-up. I’ll try to see if I can send a photo in the next week or so, don’t remember if Steph got that part set up or not. I’m really grateful to her and to anyone who may be reading this to you for all the efforts to make it easier for all of us to stay in touch with you. Hurrah Steph!!
    Hope you liked the last round of jokes. More will be coming, as always. Here’s the latest bumper sticker “No Millionaire Left Behind” ……
    Must run, but am sending a big hug. Love you, Jennifer

  2. Hey Sam, Thinking about you today..
    My sister was here to visit Mom for the big Mother’s Day. Chris, Buddy & I took Mom out for dinner. The weather was gloomy & wet, but we had a nice dinner. We hope to get up to see you next week if we don’t get there this week..(I have to keep working so I can pay lots of taxes so George can piss it away on the so called “War”.) Love ya, Pat

  3. Hi Sam
    Thanks for your message, i am thinking about you too. I am OK, why I am not depressed I don’t know, I guess i am lucky ( HaH!) but my heart and mind are fine. Chemo suck but the alternative sucks too ( surgery and colostomy bag) so for the time being i am on chemo. This chemo is different from the first one and it is OK. I am still working and happy about it.
    I miss you and I miss our old life, your parties, etc. Shit i hate when i go nostalgic on people but we’ve had great times.
    Kids are fine, Cyndi is fine, dogs are fine ( now I have a Great Dane too, I always wanted one).
    I am horrible at jokes but I got a Lake Wobegon joke book that made me laugh a lot, do you have it?, if not I will sent it to you and perhaps someone can read it in small doses with you.. Let me know, love you

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