In roughly 15 hours I’ll be in route to Berlin. Not that I stay there very long (yet)…unless, as Briankle suspects, I can’t find my way to the train station!
In the past few days I have actually felt excited – and at the end of this allnighter I do think I’ll be “ready”. In some respects it’s reminiscent of my lesbian hunting days – the two years I spent working on the road scouring the west, southwest, and midwest for wimmin who wanted to participate in the National Lesbian Conference (Atlanta, 1991). This time I’m searching for interpreters. 🙂
I’m leaving connections I’m loathe to leave, both of the more recent and of the longer term kind. And going toward . . . who knows? 🙂 Most of it will be amazing, I’m sure. Imagine, in three days I’ll be witnessing the European Parliament! How awesome is that?!!

I’m leaving, on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again….
In theory I’ll be back near the end of August. One never really knows, though, what life holds.

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