One thought on “Videochat Success!”

  1. Hi, Bravissima! Good for you. Thanks for posting the photos. Does this mean that we can send a photo to the reflexivity address, or a photo to this site?
    What about live chats, have you posted something, or info about how/when to do that? I’ll check the reflexivity site incase there’s data there. Thanks so much Steph for helping us all out.
    Sammy, Craig, Ann’s son is unfortunately not doing well. Hospice has been called in, and Ann says they are doing a fantastic job. She doesn’t have e-mail, but I’ll just send a message of support from you next time I call her.
    A a brighter side. My daffodils, hyacinth, narcissus, and crocus have all blossomed, and my snapdragons made it thru the winter. I was actually here this year in spring and got to see my bulbs. Normally I’m in CA. Talked w/ mom yesterday and she’s doing well. Still taking her mile to 2 mile walks each day w/ Chelinna, and staying active —Grazie Dio.
    I’m off to the mountains to visit friends, so will be out of the loop for a few days. Keep smilin’……..hope you received the jokes, I’ll send more today. Bunches of love, Jennifer

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