they’re stepping up!

Wow. 🙂
My students (gotta love the possessive) are doing it. A bunch of them seemed down on their energy today, but then I was kinda down with my own too.

I’m worried they’ll go overboard, but at least they’re now talking about the possibility some folks may not want to drink, which is a huge improvement over the booze-pitch of the last couple of weeks.
We had a heavy class today, what with me being tired, returning grades, and examining group issues (all part of small group communication). Thursday promises to be intense as well….the group discussing expectations and grading will report out first, and it’s going to be our video/co-researcher day as well – it’s the only real possibility left as then we move into the second round of presentations (which are going to rock, I just know it).
I found this STANDARD RULES FOR THE STUDENT tonight while trying to find info on Carlos Suares. Don’t want to hit ’em with it now (it’s long) but it does capture the tension I think we’ve got going on.

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