Well. Sam and I didn’t talk too much today. We were busy fiddling with the internet connection and laptop. It’s not quite functional yet, but hopefully by tomorrow morning Sam will be able to be online with his own email account and a CAMERA so that he and I (and anyone else who has “ichat” or equivalent?) can talk and see each other by live action video.

I’m not sure if he’s really going to use the email feature or not. I’ll keep you posted. I don’t leave for a few more weeks, so there’s time for us to work out any bugs. (That’s the plan, anyway!) I’m hooking Sam up with his own computer guru to deal with things while I’m away.
There have been few comments recently, and that may be because the new system is screwed up? I meet with my own computer guru on Thursday morning, we’ll check this out again. (I thought it had been fixed already – sigh.)
Anyway, Sam is in good spirits. He’s a bit intimidated by all this computer stuff as he never, ever, used one in this computer-mediated communication kind-of-way. (I’m not sure they even had email while he was at The Experiment?) He’s kinda old. 🙂
I’m hoping to train a few of the staff at Eden Park, and the activity staff also know about this. So maybe you will all be able to have more direct contact with Sam if you wish. In the meantime, I hope you’ll use the blog and keep trying to comment….one of these days it will work without a hitch!

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  1. Hi Sammy,
    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I miss you, but you already know that. Went to Henry Vogel’s wedding this last wkend in Houston (used my frequent flyer miles). Anyway, saw Tim Vogel ( Jake’s youngest ) & his wife; Jim Vogel (Jake’s oldest) & his wife were there. Jeaneen and all of Henry’s siblings, their spouses and kids were present. His son Kurtis flew in from CA, so there were lots of new connections plus re-connections.
    Henry had a lot on his plate, his son separated from his wife two wks. prior, his wife-to-be’s mom was in a coma and died on the night of his wedding, and he turned 60 the night before his wedding. Madonna Mia!! What a combo.
    Anyway, in spite of it all, it was a good experience for me, and the wedding went well. No one knew about the death of the bride’s mother till the next morning, “Grazie Dio.” I spent time at the Museum of Fine Arts at a great exhibit of contemporary African art. It was quite a mind-blower. Nothing like the “primitive African art” that most of us are familiar with.
    Hope you rec’d the latest batch of jokes I sent. I liked the cartoon of the pope at the gates of heaven…..w/ the crowd gathered inside. For those of you who don’t know the punch line……..the Pope asks St. Peter, Is that the welcoming committee?….St. Peter responds, No, those are all the people who died from AIDS because you banned the use of condoms! Ah well, seems the world just inherited another Pope, “just like the other one!” Ugh!
    Bravo Sam for tackling the new world of computers!! Good for you. I hope you can receive our messages while Steph’s away. I don’t have the dates for Mom & I to visit for your B-day as yet. We have to decide whether I will come to CA and we fly together from there, or if she will come to Santa Fe first. I’m going to contact Tom & Lou, they have generously offered for us to stay with them if we come to visit, but I don’t know their plans for that time frame.
    I love you bunches. Here’s a HUGE HUG!!! Jennifer

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