solipsism and stochasticism

Is solipsism an attempt at control – to order the universe, refute or seek to deny the effects of stochasticism?
For instance, I know someone who occasionally describes themself as “insular”, which may be true. It’s one thing, though, to hold one’s own counsel, and another to create a worldview and interpretation of events and others that excludes other viewpoints. I think this is what solipsism really means? This piece, Solipsism and the Problem of Other Minds. I have to grapple with how this relates to and interacts with intersubjectivity. Or plural singularity, as we discussed in Briankle’s class last night based on Jean-Luc Nancy’s piece, “Banks, Edges, Limits (of singularity)”.

I can’t find any reference to this online, it comes from Angelaki, hournal of the theoretical humanities, vol 9, no 2 August 2004.
Note: do a web search on “singularity.”
As for stochasticism….
For consideration:
New Religions, Science, and Secularization looks like it dabbles with esoteric knowledge?
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any relation to sacred geometry?
Far afield yet informative:
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