Two of the three chefs just left. The third hasn’t arrived. No, I’m not stressing! Guests will begin to arrive in…thirty minutes or so. We have 1/2 a meal, the half operating on Porto time. The Lisbon half may be ready by midnight, but hey, we’ll be really ready for it by then!

So far I’ve learned the original way to make caramel. Did you know sugar will liquify if you heat it? I wish I’d had my camcorder on Dominguez as he made sure the pot was evenly coated for the pudding. This meal is gonna be delish. ­čÖé
Jose and Dominguez just went out for vino verde and three onions. In Amherst?!!! – Good luck! Diogo, well, maybe he was reluctantly recruited? I’ll be taking lessons from him on going with the flow. ­čśë

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