“It’s awesome, isn’t it?”
Yep. An exquisite chocolate mousse and flan-like pudding for dessert. So rich I had to take an hour break in-between!
Several people said this was “the best” so far. I’m inclined to agree. I have no idea what happened in the kitchen tonight. At a certain point, some momentum just took over and I was just not in that stream. Which means I actually got to mingle!

Lynn and I discussed pedagogy from within/without the structure for awhile; unexpectedly Raz showed up, grinning like crazy. 🙂 Then came the announcement, “food’s ready!” “Pork, marinated for an hour in wine, salt & pepper, & bay leaves. Then frit for an hour with salt and olive oil. Just as wine disappears one adds the potatoes (already frit) and cumin. That’s it.” And “it” it was. YUM!
Elizabeth discovered a guitar pick somebody left behind from the Midwest Feast. We commiserated. Lucas stole the show whenever possible, which was pretty often, since his mom comes from the so-called “barbarian north”! That’s where all my mutt ancestors come from too. Which isn’t to denigrate them, but to acknowledge the extent of intraracial mixing. And the fact that I really have few of those kind of roots.
Pyro inquired about my “political week” on campus. We debriefed.
Saila found us despite the road not being as memorable as she thought it might be. Nigham has it down now, even though rumor has it I always say take a right at an intersection where I really mean left! Lily was here again, I hope the quasi-conversation we had wasn’t too exclusive….?
Marta and I had an engaging convo too…what was it about? Senses. Tuning in. How normally most of us pick one sense to privilege, one locus of attention. And when we’re doing that we aren’t even aware (usually) that there are other sensory channels that could also be “open” at that time…other avenues of perception. We imagined, for an instant, what it would be like to have that array of choices available at any given point in time, how much more broadly we could conceive of the world.
Bill told the story of the GEO march against the administration this week, as it passed through Whitmore and the sign that grabbed the attention of the staff in his office was, “Go Red Sox!” Of course it was one of our own communication department students promoting the regional sentiment. 🙂 Honestly, this was not as far off message as the original sign was, which related to the discriminatory fee against international students that the administration tried – and failed! – to institute earlier this year.
I say, NO sign could beat Srinivas in his parade marshall’s hat.
Fernando and I completed phase two in the bonding cycle over corkscrews and dryers. Lucas did tapes! with me. 🙂 (I wish I had one of those upside down exclamation marks so I could convey the Spanish accurately – not to say I have the spelling right either, sigh!)
Claudia and I got deep on . . .Lucas. 🙂 Being a mom. She insisted I verify all the boggle pieces were returned. Lucas will grow up to be quite the mischief maker under all that suspicion (his dad is not encouraging him at all. Really. As he whirled a fireplace implement around.) We talked about something else too…earlier….darn. It’s gone out of my mind. 🙁
Diogo is looking for backing, so any of you all who think he’s got what it takes to run a restaurant…the seafood rice was his tonight, and the vegetarian rice with peas. Dominguez just wants an excuse to come back to the U.S. Look for his return next fall….(I hope!) Sinead was amazed to find out that Jose cooks. (He doesn’t, but he organizes, follows directions, and cleans very well.) 😉
I am looking for chefs for the last event of the semester…Saturday April 30. There’s been some talk about an ice cream social…but we’ll need a main course too…Sinead’s not up for providing Canadian cuisine just yet but did promise a Route 9 Special if no one else is game. (Anyone???)
Arturo and Maria told me the secret of their happy marriage (yeah, go ahead, rub it in!!): “The couple that cleans together, stays together!” They were basking in the luxury of a double sink. Goofies. 🙂
Ata’s healthy again, after a rough couple of weeks. But someone stole Sarbjeet’s apple juice; he’s convinced we’re all on a not-so-secret campaign vs vegetarians and non-drinkers.
Dominguez wants the credit for the evening’s success, he never tastes his food he said, because the secret is to “cook with love.” I’m gonna say it. There was a lot of love in this house, with this group, tonight. It was the food, it was us, it was the time and the timing. Thanks for coming, and to those of you couldn’t, maybe next time.

One thought on “PORTUGUESE!!!”

  1. You all are the success for such wonderful nights at Steph’s house!
    The wine seems to be as impactful as the food 🙂 which last night was prepared
    by the best Portuguese chefs I have seen in Western Massachusetts: Diogo and
    Domingos. As you saw, both have their own ‘tricks of the trade’. To observe
    them gave me lots of inspiration to try my own recipes (tasters required and to
    be invited soon).
    A suggestion: if the weather permits we may want to do the last season event
    Thanks Steph!

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