on the discursive turn

Find this! Stuart Hall on Ethnicity and the Discursive Turn.
Here’s another one: Taking the discursive turn: Critical studies in language, discrimination and schooling.
This social movement study,
, adopts an approach in which movement discourse is viewed as a networked field of concepts from which arguments are fashioned. This approach requires an examination of the socio-cognitive structure of a discourse, an analysis of its rhetoric, as well as its ideological foundations.”

Here’s a piece that attacks criticisms that discourse analysis has little to contribute to policy analysis: Geographical knowledge and policy: the positive contribution of discourse studies.
The Virtual Faculty is geared to psychology, but is as communication oriented as one could imagine.
Criticism of the postmodern in the guise of Rom Harre.
This sounds like me! At least from the title, Reflexivity and Narratives in Action Research: A Discursive Approach. ­čÖé
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this piece on feminist theory actually helps me write my final paper for 691?

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