Kirsten just checked in about the ladybugs around the house. It’s a springtime New England thing, I think? It’s happened in the houses I’ve lived in here – Halifax, Dummerston. Now at Carolyn’s. She said they’re following me. Don’t I wish! Once I got 35 painted stone ladybugs for my birthday. I miss I miss. sigh
But it is an absolutely GORGEOUS day, and I’m on a roll. Grief (loss) is simply becoming a permanent part of my embodied existence. And – I have not become bitter. That is an achievement.

2 thoughts on “ladybugs”

  1. Your last comment here about bitterness reminds me of something Stephen said the other day when somebody asked him about his preferences about something:
    “I don’t care – it’s all a rich tapestry.”

  2. Hmm. Reminds me of what Kirsten and I were just discussing about Briankle’s take on communication – that departures and misunderstandings are just as important/instructive/informative as arrivals and mutual understandings.

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