it will NOT be boring!

Oy. I just bailed on the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness conference. None of the presenters were bad, it’s just that they conform to the structure of making academic presentations ABOUT the object of study, rather than doing/being the subjects of study. Highlight? Meeting VJ. 🙂
I’ll go to the liminal lecture by Carlos Tanner tonight – hopefully it will be better.
I went to the plenary at the World Systems Conference this morning, and it was dynamic as all get out! Saskia Sassen turned me on. 🙂 Immanual Wallerstein set an important tone for the conference with his keynote last night, but he’s not the most dynamic speaker. He might be in Spanish, but his pacing in English was a bit tough.
Of course, I’m envisioning the COM dept’s proposed/potential conference for next year…

2 thoughts on “it will NOT be boring!”

  1. DANG!
    I skipped the bullroarers this morning. That probably explains why my morning seemed so out of sorts. I was in the wrong place! 🙁

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