Only saw Sam for a few minutes today – he was on his way to Walmart. Looked all chipper, too. 🙂
I talked with both Penny and Karen about doing laptop stuff with Sam this summer as an official “activity”. And asked Betty about finding out which nurses and aides use computers at home, so we can figure out who else might be able to help Sam get online.

Pat helped me out with the cameras. The one thing I didn’t check was how easily they travel…mine is gonna get lugged around quite a bit!
Adelphia (the cable company) was a piece of cake. Installation April 18.
And I talked with James about “tutoring” – maybe 1 or 2 times a week for an hour or so… that way we have an outside Eden back-up plan for long-distance communication via the Internet.
Any of you with Instant Messenger capability should let me know – I’ll have to see about getting Sam hooked up with an account. And, if any of you have cameras – the whole visual thing is gonna be possible soon!
Finally, note this brief entry which includes a quote sent by Jennifer and something my dad wrote…
Everyone – please post a comment! I need to confirm that the new system is working while I can still access my tech-guru easily!! Thanks. 🙂

2 thoughts on “isight”

  1. Hope this is working Stephanie! Shirley and I might stop by tomorrow…hope all is well, Bea

  2. Hi Sam,
    Sent you some yuks, hope they make you smile! I was reading somewhere about “taking full advantage of being yourself.” Those may not be the exact words, but you were the first person that came to my mind. I’ve said that I admire your courage & attitude; but I want to add that I believe that through it all, you have taken full advantage of being you….authentically you. You haven’t let the disease (or the dis-ease of same) change who you are. You’re still Sam. You certainly get high marks from this corner on your ability to “be.” Being present in the moment is challenging for us all, I am grateful for your role-modeling. I love you, Jennifer
    (PS) Steph, I haven’t accessed the archives, but I do thank you for posting your father’s kind remarks. It’s difficult to talk about death, but if we don’t it leaves Sam isolated.

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