GEO gets serious

Can we effect change on the massive institution known as UMass? We’re going to find out, April 21.

Why is a walkout necessary? Why is a boycott necessary?
GEO Contract: The university refuses to settle any contract that doesn’t result in major cuts to real wages, healthcare, and childcare for graduate student employees at UMass — employees who teach up to 50% of the classes on campus. Even our current contract with no gains is unacceptable — only cuts will satisfy Lombardi. This is a direct attack on GEO and 14 years of contract gains. The administration feels they’re done negotiating and they’re trying to convince us to end negotiations. Without a fair contract we’re calling for:
Lombardi’s Plan: The Chancellor’s response to the Diversity Commission’s proposal rolls back student independence and democratic institutions that are the result of over 30 years of student struggle. The “Lombardi plan” will mean the end of the agencies now engaged in student advocacy and the end of independent student government. The last day for public comment on Lombardi’s plan is April 22. Comment by supporting a student-led BOYCOTT of CLASSES, APRIL 21.
This act isn’t a rejection of our faculty, whom we greatly respect. It’s a rejection of an Administration who won’t prioritize STUDENTS, TEACHERS & BOOKS. By going to class, we pretend that the assault on student and employee rights isn’t happening, we continue to act normally and do what’s expected of us. By not going to class, we resist and say we won’t fulfill UMass’s expectation until they start to fulfill our expectations for a fair labor contract, for student autonomy and for support for diversity.
By boycotting and walking out, we exercise the power we have to set the university back on track.
Organized by the Graduate Employee Organization, Take Back UMass and others in coalition.

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