departure counts as much as arrival

“I’m from that old-school feminist school that believes that so much of our personal is political, so the distinction seems arbitrary. Being political without being personal must be the exercise of privileged white men who can talk politics in the abstract without having to think about what it feels like to be called ‘nigger’ in the Castro, or ‘faggot’ at your black church.” ~ Tim’m West, in bitch, issue no. 28. Interviewed by Matthue Roth.

reddirt is set up pretty cool. I like the photo of friends on March 30. ­čÖé Happy-looking people. It threw me a bit when I clicked through to comment and was met with an ad to send my picture first. It was cute at first, but I expected an option to bypass. Not. No. Zip zadda. Security?
Was I unsafe? Did I really want to talk with these people? CONNECT with them? Would I be at risk?
Why did I hesitate? The part about “bypassing firewalls” got my attention. Why would someone want to get into my computer? What’s there? What could they do with it? (What will they do with it, if they find me?) Is that a dare? NO! Really. I prefer to interact with nice people. You know, the happy kind. Sad is ok. Worried is fine. At least within limits. Sad that turns too readily to mad? Naw, not so much.

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