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Uh oh. This could be a real problem. Hope it comes up soon. Here’s the post I wanted to make in the “Stuck in a Rut” thread:

Here’s what I’m thinking about this thread. We’ve got about 8 class sessions left, and I know you all are thinking about your final grade.
What I would like to do is limit the next round of presentations to one hour, so that I can have the last 15 minutes of each class period to go over whatever questions you raise about the material. In order to plan the most effective sequence of topics for those 15 minute sessions, I need to know ALL of what isn’t clear to you.
Let’s sort that out in here, ok? My vision is this:
You review the assigend reading materials and identify an area or two (or 17, whatever!) that you’re not sure about it. DO NOT just name it, but give a stab at explaining what you think it means. I’d like to see you all respond to each other if you can – if someone poses a question that you can answer, do so! If someone provides an explanation that isn’t quite “it” or seems “off” or raises another question for you – engage!
From what is generated in this way I’ll best be able to identify the most crucial gaps for the class overall. This is what I can address in those 15 minutes sessions.
I believe this structure will best prepare you for the self-reflection papers.
Anyone is welcome to begin!

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