bell hooks

The Pope’s funeral was earlier today, and – as Ingrid noted – bell hooks didn’t say word one about it.
I had thought she’d made an oblique reference to it by saying she wanted “to be in the chapel”, but George agreed with Ingrid that hooks was referring to the presentation space. Obviously I soaked up NPR’s repetitive coverage (as in, was permeated by it): how else could I have made such an inference?
But the conversation got me wondering why she didn’t say anything about John Paul’s mass, and curious how deliberate it was.

I will guess that she knew about it, even if she hasn’t avidly followed events of the past week. She argued vs dualism today, but also cautioned about the revitalization of patriarchal thinking – which was replete in the parade of honorifics for this particular Pope. Does her omission signal something momentous?
Ingrid shared that she heard the phrase, Mother of God, at least twice during the Mass for John Paul II. Later, George & Min and I came back to it. I was sure the phrase couldn’t refer to the Virgin Mary – but I was wrong!

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