am I behind?

I feel like I’ve missed a report or several.
Ana Elisa, Sam really wants to hear from all of you! Mangeca, what’s up lately? Cheryl, Sam wanted you to know that both he and Bill are glad you’re back (from your trip in March). Jennifer, no, Sam didn’t wear his bunny ears for Easter this year. ­čÖü

Sam is now connected to the Internet via my old laptop and Adelphia cable. He doesn’t use the computer himself, only when someone is there to assist. If any of you want to try and contact him through an online chat service, that’s the reason he’s wired. He has a camera for visual chat and audio too. It’s harder to understand him if I’m not looking at him, and he doesn’t understand as well if the audio quality is a bit low. So whoever’s helping him acts as a bit of a communication facilitator, repeating messages back and forth.
It worked really well on our first trial this past Friday morning – except my dial-up connection is too slow to send video. I’ll try from the university sometime next week. Point – you need high-speed access for visual contact, but can do audio or typing if you have a chat capabilities. Let me know if you want to test it out.
Various people at Eden Park will be helping Sam with this – Penny and Karen from activities, and I’m optimistic a computer-guru friend of mine, James, will be able to spend an hour or two with Sam/week, so we’ll have a guarantee of connection at least during those timeslots.
Folks, please keep trying the comment feature – but maybe it makes sense to copy and save your response in a word file first so you don’t lose it. It really ought to work, but your comments won’t show up right away like they used to…I have to let them in. That’s the only way I could block the nasty spam.
Sam will now be able to come in and read the blog directly himself, if he wants! And even have someone else type in responses…let’s see how these new frontiers develop!

3 thoughts on “am I behind?”

  1. hey sam…so are yu really connected? I can’t believe that you’re actually going to use e-mail–like the rest of the world! Hope it works out for you…nothing much new here–ground erupting with growing things–much to do with the flowerbeds etc…had rugs cleaned yesterday and of course Molly went into thepond in the park this AM–totally soaked so relegated to the kitchen for the day to spare the carpets–got to start clipping her back. Hope to see you soon..P&L

  2. Hi Sam & Steph, Sooo, you are now connected. I am very Low Tech, so I hope you get my messages. I have just returned from a visit to my old friend Betty, in Az. It was a great visit with her and her SIX dogs.. Now I have to recover and get back to work. We’ll miss you Steph, but look forward to hearing about and from Sam! Lv, Pat

  3. James and I wore Sam out this morning with a videochat and tour of his email and this weblog. He won’t be doing any of this solo, but when he has help, we’ll see how much of it catches on. I will say that he grins a lot into the camera! ­čÖé

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