all the way?

Well. For all the angst I went through the dress was a bit of a let down. My students just took it as a performance, as in not real, or otherwise downplayed it. Or so the discussion went. Several people admitted to a bit of a jolt when they first saw me, a couple of students blurted something out immediately. 🙂 Nothing bad. 🙂

We’ll see what they say in the new thread on it, Teacher’s Body II.
My compatriots in the COM dept were slightly more entertaining:
“The first thing I thought was, ‘She doesn’t even know what’s in style!'”
“I almost didn’t recognize you!”
“Looks nice!”
“Steph! Uh…nice, looks like spring!”
double take. “You look nice.”
“That’s crazy! I don’t what to say about that!”
NICE? I’m trading … what – a look that hooks people’s attention to a completely unremarkable niceness? 🙂
Reminds me of the conversation last night, when I was inquiring about professional styles of dress in Germany. I was immediately advised to ditch the haircut. (No surprise, sigh.) Actually – one student said a haircut would have been much more shocking than a change in attire. (I’m going to let it grow. Oy. It – I – will be shaggy beyond belief when I return!)
The price we pay for to conduct research in the field…
The let-down for me, was the students taking it so in stride (or giving the appearance of such?) that it seemed like little more than a costume. We did discuss gender identity a bit… that was pretty cool – the ones that spoke up seemed genuinely cool with it.
Anyway, I’m actually gonna do this dress thing this summer. I now have two experiences in which people that don’t know me very well were unfazed by it. So if I can get over myself (!) it’ll be a piece of cake. I’ll have to get used to blending in – I think that might be a bit of an adjustment.

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