the weak died on the way

midwestern food.jpg
Fab flyer designed by WeeHaaaaa! ­čśë

This is undoubtedly the best advertising we’ve had for an event so far! We’re drifting in the zone of 17-20 something in terms of guests for this “continuum of history through the region” as we dine on “Midwestern 1950s-60s era church social/housefrau kitchy-ness” and select (from three choices) a Western movie to watch. The event will thus “slip between Midwestern and Western… Western is signified by “cowboys and indians”, covered wagons and chuck wagons, pioneers and the gold rush…People in covered wagons certainly weren’t making jello salads!” I’m pretty sure the Indian menu of not too long was a regional pastiche as well. Alas for purity!
The main chef, by the way, is showing up in costume. If the stars are right, perhaps I will too….

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