spring equinox

Careen gave me a load of guidance the other day. I have framed it (epistemologically) as preparation for the vernal equinox today, although I’ve been catching whiffs for the past two weeks.
It is the moment in time that will always be the signature that validates a shift from dormancy to regeneration. It is the moment when the curtain rises on a new performance of nature’s metamorphosis.”
The precise moment when day and night were balanced at 12 hours each was at 7:33 this morning (EST). Which is awfully dang close to when I woke up! 🙂

This just isn’t any ordinary Sunday very briefly describes the christian significance of the day, hinting at the cooptation of the preceding pagan mythology of the day of “Eostre [which] gave a rabbit friend the power to lay eggs once a year – on the spring equinox. Eggs symbolized new beginnings and the rabbit symbolized fertility.”
Even NASA pays attention, with a Sun-Earth day of observation.
The International Language of Candy reminds me of my own childhood (!). I remember decorating easter eggs with my Aunt Jane, and a story about my mom not being able to find an egg one year and her parents not remembering where it was, until weeks later the stench drew them to it tucked in some ornate picture frame.
I remember Hannah’s thrill when the Easter Bunny found us on Cumberland Island. 🙂

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  1. Hi there – just to let you know how delighted I was with your link-filled message, and oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how disappointed I was not to see The International Language of Candy link (the NASA link is up twice). Thanks for the interesting stuff.
    Happy Equinox and Spring to you too!

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