Liminality. Who will I be? Who do I want to be?
In LinguaMoo I want to be rewind. (I wanted to be endless reflexivity but it wouldn’t accept that – I think I needed an underscore. Oh well. rewind is better.)
In pmc2 – a different space. How do these relate to each other? LinguaMoo is e-theory…experimentation and application of/with theory (or so I gather…)
pmc2 is … for play? Or, perhaps, for plurking? (although I wager such is welcome in LinguaMoo, too).

4 thoughts on “re-invention”

  1. Linga Goo Goo Doll?
    Linga ppppppp vity (facial expression as in chug chug engine)?
    iknow..fat chance..i know i know

  2. Dear J,
    You might consider joining us cows mooing or dolls gooing at Lingua Moo and chug chugging along with me! It’s a whole new adventure for me and I haven’t even begun to learn the ropes (hell, I haven’t even gotten IN yet – but hopefully this weekend).
    Whatcha think?

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