never again!

I beat Raz at ping pong tonight. I’m sure it was an aberration. He took revenge swiftly, beating me three straight and I never got out of the single digits (well, maybe once). 🙂 That young woman he hangs out with kept saying something about his “masculinity”….??? (gasp!)
I was surprised when I won but I think our favorite young man was downright shocked! He’ll deny it of course, humble guy that he is. 🙂 I won’t go into the details of the other young man at ABC who thought he had a chance at stealing his girl away from Raz. That was the most amusing part of the evening!!

2 thoughts on “never again!”

  1. I wish I had had a chance to play him. 20 years ago I could have beat him, I wonder if I could now. And yes, masculinity is tied in with winning at ping pong. Wayne almost didn’t marry me becaue he couldn’t beta me. : )

  2. Go Steph! If Steph can beat Raz at ping pong now, they will never get married for Raz to stay in the country! I seem to be lacking in the hand-eye coordination department, so I will not be challenging any of you in ping pong.

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