Erin, a.k.a. Betty Crocker, put on an amazing spread. For the first time, there were hardly any leftovers! ! ! We chowed! Lynn was especially in heaven over the tuna casserole. (The secret is mayo.) Elizabeth’s green bean casserole was delish, and Flora’s vegetarian chili and cornbread well enjoyed.
Bill (or was it Bob?) called me Sally. I’m not sure if that’s a reference to any particular 1950’s housewife or gourmet….? probably not, since the German Chocolate Brownie bars were a bit “chewy”, as folks said. (But the Hoosier bars were perfect, despite the accusation from my Indiana buddy (tsk tsk, calling to throw me off in the middle of the soiree! tsk tsk – not!) that we were “making stuff up.” Ruth was right though, that we weren’t drinking Bud and watching basketball, but the Nebraska folk would be watching football….so – no universals in midwestern land!

Srinivas was so disturbed by the prospect of seeing me in a dress that he bailed. First time in about 20 years! I did quick math and thought it had been 23 years, total, but that would be when the Nazarene college revised their mandatory dress code. However, the very last time was my brother’s wedding… which would have been…. somewhat under 20 years. Ah well. Those of you who were here for it….! The funniest aspect is those folk who met me for the first time, and/or haven’t known me all that long – was I really out of character? %-)
Elizabeth got the FULL domestic effect as when she arrived I was vacuuming up some spilled sugar in the kitchen. 🙂 Some others laughed, and a few were, I think, too stunned to even comment. Hilarious!
First-timers Dominguez, Apoorva, Elsa, and Mary Jane (? ohmygosh I’m not sure! gulp) seemed to enjoy themselves. Sarbjeet got several folk into a game of…it must have been Boggle? (Can you believe Lynn tried to study? Please!!) Arturo came without Maria (wah!), and the Mariachi man – and family – was also missed. Yasser tried to claim the doorprize (we’re checking his ID from now on), but Mike was the real winner of the Route 66 book (don’t forget to register it at
Bill broke out his guitar for the first time and had a bit of a singalong with Ata and Eric. Did I mention Kirsten’s parents were around at the very beginning and a chunk at the end? Oh yeah. Jack followed through with the promised punchbowl and an awesome coke-handled ladle from Gail’s store. 🙂 The koolaid wound up being served in a pitcher though, so we’ll have to break that bowl in next time. Sangria, perhaps? 🙂
Sreela should get honorary sous chef kudos, or maybe backseat driver? I dunno. First she came in splattered with strawberry jello, then she witnessed (contributed to?) several errors in the mixing of those Hoosier bars. Including the moment when Gail relayed a story about needing the yolks (after she’d taught me how to separate eggs, and I’d set them in the sink to dispose of later) and I realized we needed the yolks! What, me tipsy? No Way!
Next time we’ll be checking out Jose’s cooking talents with (or will it just be through?) Dominguez’ expertise. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’m still trying to imagine the sound of 1000 cellos! ! ! Can you?!!! Holy cow. Flora might be one of them…..if not this year, I hope sooner rather than later.
Thanks, all! It was a hoot! 🙂

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  1. Hoo. Good thing you reminded me. I would have forgotten all about registering the Rte 66 book had you not mentioned it.
    But that is not why I am posting. I am posting in order to test whether your blog really blocks me from using html like it says it does.
    Did it work? It did not! Ha.

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