future retrospective

This clip from the “Museum of Media History” reminds me of that book (by David Mamet, but not the famous playwright?) I couldn’t finish because it was too weird. Actually, the concept wasn’t weird, it was an illustration of what historians do, trying to piece together the (or a) “story” about something that happened when only bits of the archival record remain.
According to John Laprise’s posting to the AoIR list, the clip “presents a great futurist history peering at where the Internet is going.” The art of it is (given my newfound “understanding” gleaned from Darian Leader) the empty and confused (poorly transmitted) places, the passages of temporal (mis)transmission that (en)force silence and waiting. Anticipation and impatience fill this time-space of nothing, capturing that which we don’t usually perceive – the headlong rush of activity and momentum.

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