Berkelian philosophy

Matter does not exist, according to George Berkeley, “one of the three most famous eighteenth century British Empiricists” (along with Locke and Hume), who utilized “strictly empiricist principles in defence of the view that only minds or spirits exist.”
Motto: esse is percipi, to be is to be perceived.

Did I ever read Sophie’s World? The story is familiar, I guess what’s more to the point, is did I learn anything from it? Can’t say as I recall a single durn thing. Either it was prior to me actually arriving – phenomenologically – in my own body (after an early disassociation that exceeds memory) or those long-term memory banks never did their thing.
This entry extends the sa-cyborgs google group discussion and marks my virgin entry into pmc2. Some nice ballet dancers held my hands and didn’t let me fall. ­čÖé

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