1 + 1 = 3

Exoteric – Esoteric. Are these in opposition or in conjunction? This is one theme in Enoch’s class on consciousness.
Another is number. I can only find definitions on the www that privilege its material, conventional construction. From this view, 1+1 can only equal 2. Another view, that of sacred geometry, poses a different answer.

A geometrician takes us through the vesica piscis, which is where the equation 1+1=3 originates.
After 3 comes 4, the square.
The Egyptians were the first to figure this out, but you have to do a bit of intellectual sifting to give them due credit, as Pythagoras is most often associated with it (the Greeks claim many “origins” which were borrowed or learned from other cultures – this is Enoch’s claim, and it seems sensible to me, although I haven’t done my own research to verify such and un-do my own socialization into historical origins of knowledge). The vesica piscis has been adapted to various symbolic meanings.
What really got me jazzed up was the discussion of there being a whole (1), which becomes divided (where else would another number come from?), and this division occurs because of desire: the desire to know oneself. Division casts a gaze upon itself, becoming two. Subject becomes subject AND object, and the result (function) of two-ness is the generation of knowledge – creation (and now we have 3).
Multiply this a bunch of times and we have the interlocking, co-creative play of desires withing the whole producing the flower of life (scroll down to the end). Looks an awful lot to me like intersubjectivity. 🙂
The whole was conceptualized way way back in the original Hebrew as the ayn soph. Here’s one explanation that comes close to what Enoch provided: “Emptiness, Ayn Soph, God. Use “God the Father” (better: substitute the unspeakable name YHWH) as placeholder for the ineffable emptiness that transcends subject/object dualities; for Nirvana, for the Real. This is expressed in Kabbalistic jargon as the notion of God ayn soph. The consequence of this is an ultimate principle that cannot be grasped, comprehended, or communicated except through meditative kenosis, the miracle of its direct self-disclosure to an enraptured spiritual being, or the apprehension of apophatic riddle in a moment of spontaneous insight. In any event, that which is “revealed” is not a datum, but the meaning event itself; that enlightenment in which one perceives the non-duality of phenomena, their emptiness, the absence of subject/object distinction.” from Meta-Mythological Template.
I’m having trouble locating the original ying-yang-yuan symbol with the red dot. Found one that sort of hints at it – using a red star. There’s a bunch of pages in Chinese…might have to pester a friend to help with this. 🙂

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