“we are still monkeys”

I am so jealous of anyone who’s already done with Paula’s paper! And, I’m kinda….having fun (!) re-reading Mumford (1963) after Chris made more of it legible to me with his presentation yesterday. 🙂
I’m just over half done with the paper. I’m enjoying what I now see as a merger in Mumford of the material and the ideological, to wit:
“…instantaneous personal communication over long distances…is the mechanical symbol of those world-wide cooperations of thought and feeling which must emerge, finally, if our whole civilization is not to sink into ruin” (241).
The recordability of such instantaneous personal communication is one example of “the new permanent record” which “suggest[s] a new relationship between deed and record, between the movement of life and its collective enregistration: above all, they demand a nicer sensitiveness and a higher intelligence. If these inventions have so far made monkeys of us, it is because we are still monkeys” (245).
😉 Gimme a banana!

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