the first night

I missed it! Off to a great start! ­čÖé Rumor has it, though, that Paula was warm and friendly (counter to scuttlebutt about a certain degree of inaccessibility).
Our Aussie colleague missed it too – I didn’t hear from her yesterday, so I hope that means she’s en route. Does anyone know?
I know several of you said “hello” to me and I apologize for being so immersed in my own drama of proposal deadline that I wasn’t expressive of it being good to see you again. It is good to see you again and I’m looking forward to some passionate engagement about the differences between liberal, marxist, feminist, and postcolonial theories of comm and media theory. Do you know how to tell the differences among them? I am pretty sure that I don’t – at least not as often as I’d like (and no where near the ideal of “always”).

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