Russian night

was a hit, as far as I can tell. 🙂 The dozen folks who came drank a lot of vodka, sniffed a lot of bread, and ate a lot of pickles. Not to mention the pelmeni, potatos, spiced carrots and cabbage. What else could one expect?! Oh yes, there was the candy and dessert, and Olga drew herself to win the doorprize (I dunno, maybe she rigged it somehow?)! Talk was loud and animated, and I even got to have some lengthy discussions with several different individuals. It helped that the trip to the Russian grocer in Westfield yielded easily and quickly prepared traditional foods. Folks stayed late to watch “The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming,” which was a pretty silly flick but still got quite a few good laughs out of us.

2 thoughts on “Russian night”

  1. I woke up remembering that I told the popcorn story twice (about my dad getting mad at me when I freaked popping the lid off during elementary school). Did I tell it to the same people? I’m not sure! I also told the story of Hannah defending my cooking ability by arguing (vigorously, no less!), “Steph can too cook! She makes popcorn!” She was five then. 🙂

  2. There was Cat Stevens and Bob Marley to round out the “Russian” quality of the evening. 😕 Nice how my memory keeps popping out another tidbit…

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