he’s hanging in!

Sam was still pretty under the weather today, but the staff is sure he’s just got a tenacious bug. He’s still on oxygen, and they’re going to put him on a second round of antibiotics. Sam said he’s been “up” and “down” since last week. He was in bed when I arrived with pepperoni pizza; I could hardly understand a dang thing he said while he was laying down. Once he was up, it was better, but his speech really improved when Tom Zopf showed up after I’d been there an hour or so.
I did call before going to check on whether or not pizza would be a good idea. Kevin said Sam hadn’t been eating very much. Sam said he usually doesn’t eat very much. Tom said and its a good thing too, about time Sam lost some weight! 🙂

So, Sam got up and we worked our way through a piece of pizza and some conversation when he told me he’d been dying of thirst for a BEER. So I went on a quick run for some Miller Genuine Draft for him and some organic Wolaver’s Brown Ale for me. We toasted to my buddy Ruth – last time Sam and I had beer was when Ruth was visiting. He grinned awfully big remembering that visit. 🙂
Lou sent some homemade peanut butter cookies (she stayed home recovering from a flu herself), and Tom entertained us with a few stories. Barbara had called him to ask how Sam was doing. “Fine,” Tom said he told her. And told us he’d lied. Sam liked that. 🙂 And Tom teased Sam about being an imposter, posing as a Brattleboro Union High School alumni in order to get a purple ribbon for joining their parade. Sam said he just watched – which still left us wondering just how he got that ribbon after all…?!
Tom and Sam enjoyed news about the Pope that Tom had just heard on the radio: the Pope is fine, “he’s eating and passing notes to his aides.” Fragrant and musical notes, apparently! And somehow it came up that there’s a photo of Sam with Albert Einstein! Does anyone know this story? Do tell!
Mangeca, Sam was very happy to hear from you and said, “Thanks very much.” He’s glad to be in touch with you again and sends you his best.
Pat, Sam grinned at Phil’s joke about your combined IQ of 100. 🙂 He hopes your trip to New York is fun.
Nona, Sam didn’t know about your upcoming trip to Europe! Sounds exciting, where will you go? What will you do? Also, he enjoyed the news about everyone, and wasn’t at all surprised that Kelly is doing so well in school. “Quiet as a church mouse,” he said.
Now, the heavy stuff. Jennifer, you and Edith do have the clearance for info etc, I don’t think anything fell through on that regard. But Sam reiterated that he wants Paul to be the first person notified in case anything happens to him, and of course I think everyone knows that Paul is Sam’s … I forgot the technical term … the person who will make life support or other medical decisions for Sam if he’s unable to make them for himself. We looked at the paper work together tonight – durable power of attorney? medical proxy? shoot. Anyway, Sam has very clearly stated that he does not want his life prolonged artificially. We did talk about getting me added to the list of people that Eden would notify immediately if something did happen, so I’ll talk to Shirley and she’ll follow up with Sam so that happens according to all the proper procedures. In the meantime though, Sam still wants Paul to be the first person informed and asks Paul to make effort to let me (and I guess whoever else) know. Of course, I will send out an email asap to everyone on this list.
In the meantime, though, no worries. The staff is not concerned there’s any cause for concern about Sam’s continued longterm health at this point in time. The way he sucked down that beer proved it to me, too! 🙂

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  1. We wish Sam the best…..sorry we can’t be closer but know Sam understands….many fond memories with Sam in college and after….would love to talk with him but we are in Florida now out of the cold..Please let him know we care….Dick

  2. Now that I am no longer an employee at Eden Park, I am looking forward to enjoying Sam’s company on a more personal level. I am also now able to participate in and contribute to this forum, which by the way is a wonderful idea.
    Steph- the title that was eluding you is Durable Medical Power of Attorney.
    I love Sammy, and am looking forward to providing him with some movies and perhaps sharing the occasional drinky-poo with him as well. Thanks to all who have taken such amazing efforts to show Sam that he is such a significant part of your lives. You all make such a huge difference to him; a difference that manifests itself in both his medical and emotional well-being.

  3. I am hoping to stop by today (2/28) , maybe with Shirley. Have been so busy and keep informed through Tom. Thaks Stephanie for keeping us all infoemed. Bea

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