Do you think…

that Michael Peter Smith himself really found Reflexivity or has his own little software engine checking out who’s been reading his book? He added a comment to this post from last fall. 🙂
He posted the URL to his website. His earlier book, Transnationalism from Below might be useful for my research project on interpreting.

There are two articles available as pdf’s from his site that might also apply, if I do find discursive data that suggests a transnational extrapolation.
Hmmm, some of my colleagues from that class might question this:
“His theoretical approach to empirical field research is spelled out in detail in his recent book Transnational Urbanism: Locating Globalization (Blackwell, 2001). In that book

4 thoughts on “Do you think…”

  1. Thanks for the post–I just bought the book.
    got any more ways I have to spend money?

  2. But of course! I’m taking donations to fund my trip to Europe for interpreting research this summer! %-) Hey, maybe I can borrow this book when you’re done? Maybe you could post thoughts in here as you read it? My thinking, when I looked at it, was that it might help me theorize the view of community interpreters (who are un or underfunded as well as underrespected) in Germany, working with the Turkish community (transnational, from below)…

  3. Wish I had the kind of money to do that, Steph…..
    My hope is that it helps me work out some of the issues concerning town foreign policies. The Vermont-Iraq stuff is another foil.

  4. I was just teasing (so far, anyway, Srinivas had a good idea for a fundraiser if I don’t get the second grant).
    I have to confess I haven’t followed the National Guard debate in Vermont. Heard about it, is all. I actually see that less as foreign policy and more as domestic – being about the relationship between states and the Fed, moreso than about towns and foreign policy. Is that what you mean by calling it a foil?

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