why blog?

Todd sent me these questions awhile ago. I think the timing is good to answer them. Since I threw down the guantlet to my blogmates from DRP.
1. Do you remember the first time you thought, “hey I want to create a blog!” That is my “!” You might not have had a “!” when you thought of it.
When I learned about blogs, my “!” was the ability to combine two things: group dynamics (including discourse) and publicity (like Peter Wiggins of Ender’s Game). Not in terms of personality or scale of ambition!
3. Do you think your “voice” or “identity” as changed since you started your blog?
My “voice”, perhaps, but not my “identity.” I think of voice more like representation, and I’ve tried to spice things up a bit. Early reviews found my writing dry, dull, and deadly. ­čÖé I always wonder if people experience my writing as pedantic. (do you?) As for my identity – in terms of my presentation or performance of self, I think I’m pretty consistent, but again, I don’t know if others agree…?

1. (extended anaswer) I did have a “!” It was in Leda’s Information and Technology class. I was getting to drop. Couldn’t find anything that turned me on enough to write about. We read about blogs and I immediately started one for the class.
2. How long have you been blogging?
3. (extended answer) I think teaching online before I started to blog helped me develop my online voice. I do envision a “group audience”. Depending upon what I’m blogging, the group is composed of various individuals. Some categories in my blog are specific to particular groups, so I write to that configuration. But I am usually cognizant that others’ might read it too. (Emphasis on might, smile.) Other posts are very general – including a non-specific or anonymous audience. All the posts I make in the “Oh, just me” category now are from “duty” or a sense of “mission” to maintain the commitment I developed over time to see how the blog functions as a means of recording subjectivity and subjective development over time. I don’t think subjectivity can be compartmentalized by cordoning off the “private” and “public”, or picking and choosing which parts of my life count for the record and which don’t. I certainly don’t “tell all”, but the integrity of the task requires me to tell something when I’m aware that its relevant.

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