then there’s Todd

who went off and started his own blog (instead of becoming a TEAM on MINE hmmmph!) and what does he do but go off and find some philosophical reminiscing on blogger’s dying?
What interested is me how far the links go back to the source (I went through three blogs and chose not to read the ‘hidden message’ that apparently was revealed after someone recently died.

I have thought, at various times, about leaving something behind for those I love. A video is usually what comes to mind. The blog seems to me like it stands on its own. I post – which I do understand (or choose to believe) is a part of what it is I’m “here to do”, and when I go, well, I’ll be gone. Anything I wrote in advance would be a reflection of where I was then, and may or may not still reflect where I am in the “now” of death.
I’m sure I’ll feel differently if terminal illness or some other long dying process is part of my journey this time. Selfishly, I hope it won’t be, but one never knows, and we all cope, some better, some worse, with what life throws at us. But if I go suddenly, then I think I want the blog to reflect that. I was doing my thing, best I know how, and then it was done.

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  1. So are you putting something together? A special photo album for each of the vital people that you’d want to leave a message? Actually, I’ve been working on something like that….but I haven’t intended to hang out to it indefinitely.

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