“the interview”

The Toddster must be bored. Here’s what he sent me via email today; do you think I should actually respond?! %-)
Interview for Steph
Do you remember the first time you thought, “hey I want to create a blog!” That is my “!” You might not have had a “!” when you thought of it.
How long have you been blogging?
Do you think your “voice” or “identity” as changed since you started your blog? You know what I mean. I just started my blog and I keep thinking I need to be writing for certain people (family, advisors, friends, students). Can I write for all these people? I won’t bring up Goffman here, but. . .
Describe your blogging habits. Do you blog regularly? Have you ever gone a long time without posting on your blog? How did you feel when you got back to it? Or how did you feel when you hadn’t posted for awhile?
I read the other day that blog was the most looked up thing on the Internet. Do you know what #2 was? Incumbent.

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  1. um, yes, i do believe you should answer him. you really should. in fact, he is going to post the questions on his blog so you can answer them right then and there as we say in the south. can i place a photo in this box. that would be great if i could. probably can’t. i’ve never commented on a blog before. i have only put a few posts on my blog but i feel it helps me organize my thoughts. like the ability to put random thoughts down or not so random and have those thoughts searchable for later use. i’ve already forgotten something i wrote two weeks ago until i looked back. this is the reason to journal.

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