research in EU

Download the pdf on the Sixth Framework Program: participating in European research.
ethical rules
open calls for proposals

specific measures in support of international co-operation 7 March lists cultural heritage but restricted (?) to mediterranian countries…
support for the coordination of activities. 2 March. national and regional level…
links to documents on research legislation in force. Also, new proposals on admitting third country nationals in for research. downloaded two docs.
a press release on third country nationals wasn’t found today but might be upcoming, had a 2005 date.
external relations contact in Turkey
Here’s a search engine, Celex that includes linguists as a specific part of its audience.
information society might have some good leads…..communication-type stuff…
more research on 6FP. looks like it might have more social elements, but also hard tech…
Maybe Cordis is the social science counterpart?
Here’s something more promising! (Finally!) citizens and governance in a knowledge-based society. Yes! Yes!
previously funded projects
calls for Principle 7, FP6
prepare and submit a proposal. Hallelujah!
dialogue with citizens is a resource for later….about rights and responsibilities of EU citizenship… ­čÖé
not sure if I checked out the research DG before.

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